Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Congratulations San Francisco!

We are the 4th fittest city in the Nation!

Keep up all of the cycling, walking and general healthiness.

Source: SF Streetsblog

Memorial Day Weekend Kicks Off Most Dangerous Time to be on the Road

Memorial Day weekend kicks off summer in California with great weather, end-of-the school year celebrations, picnics and barbecues. It also kicks off the most dangerous time of the year to be on the roads in California.

May-September sees nearly twice as many fatal motorcycle crashes as other months. Better weather means more people on the roads and this has already led to a spike in vehicle-related fatalities this year. Failure to wear seat belts and drinking-while-driving are huge factors in these accidents.

CHP Officers advise awareness of one's surroundings and caution when on the roads. "I don't think the average citizen realizes how many impaired drivers they share the road with" cautioned CHP Officer Sarah Jackson.

California has amazing weather, plenty of attractions and out-door activities and tons of roads to travel and explore.  However, it is important to be aware and to be safe when sharing the road.

Source: SJ Mercury News Article

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BART Bike Plan Focuses on Secure Parking

BART is setting a goal in its new bike plan to double the rate of passengers who bike, currently at 4%, within 10 years. Their updated bike plan includes:

  • Expansion of secure parking facilities 
  • Reduction of 'blackout periods'
  • Reevaluation of the bike ban on escalators
According to a SF Streetsblog post, the plan is supported by the SF Examiner and the SF Bicycle Coalition. SFBC Executive Director Leah Shahum commented that the organization "commends the BART leadership for stepping up their commitment to encouraging more bicycles on and to the BART stations." 

The final plan will be presented to the BART Board on June 14, 2012. 

The draft BART bike plan can be accessed in its entirety here

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shaana Rahman Featured in the American Association for Justice's Trial Magazine

For their February 2012 edition entitled "Moving Violations", the AAJ's Trial Magazine chose to address motor vehicle and bike accidents and their place in the law. As such, I'm pleased to say that our very own Shaana Rahman was featured in Trial Magazine with her highly informative essay on what attorneys representing bicyclists should expect, and what they should be doing to protect your rights.

Rising Rate of Pedestrian Accidents Caused by Headphone Use

"Injuries to pedestrians wearing headphones have more than tripled in six years, say researchers from the University of Maryland."

On the average day, we see dozens of people walking across the street with headphones plugged into their ears. And as city-dwellers, we are practically allergic to silence. So it's not difficult to feel a bit scared when we read statistics that say, out of the times where headphone-wearing pedestrians have been deaf to train whistles and car horns, 3/4ths of them end in fatalities.

According to a Care2 article, "Distraction and sensory deprivation while using electronic devices is called 'inattentional blindness'." Case reports published by associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland, Dr. Lichenstein, and his associates listed the following statistics regarding injured pedestrians who were wearing headphones at the time of their accidents:
  • 68% of victims were males.
  • 67% of victims were under 30 years old.
  • Over 50% of accidents involved trains
  • 29% of vehicles involved reported sounding a warning prior to the accident
While pedestrians have no control over reckless drivers, they can help their odds at least a little by keeping their ears open. So try to keep both unplugged and aware of your surroundings out there.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Used Motorcycle Review's "Most Common Causes for Motorcycle Accidents"

Last Thursday's Used Motorcycle Review's blog post touched upon the 4 Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents. These are the difficulties faced by motorcycle riders that might be helpful to keep in mind while riding safely:

1. Driver Negligence/Blind Spot
Many drivers have difficulty spotting or noticing motorcyclists on the road.
"Approximately 70% of collisions are the result of the negligence of drivers."

2. Poor Road Conditions
Many collisions occur "due to the presence of curbs, debris, potholes, bumps or even roadside barriers" when a rider tries to avoid an accident. These are the accidents that have caused severe lower body and spinal damage, and sometimes even brain damage.

3. Speed Disparities
Accidents don't always occur because of speeding, but can also occur as a result of going too slowly, compared to traffic flow around the rider. These accidents manifest as rear-ending or being rear-ended.

4. Other Factors
- Climbing skill of the driver
- Drunk driving
- Undivided roads
- Aggressive driving/recklessness
- Old bikes or old bike parts