Thursday, January 26, 2012

Used Motorcycle Review's "Most Common Causes for Motorcycle Accidents"

Last Thursday's Used Motorcycle Review's blog post touched upon the 4 Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents. These are the difficulties faced by motorcycle riders that might be helpful to keep in mind while riding safely:

1. Driver Negligence/Blind Spot
Many drivers have difficulty spotting or noticing motorcyclists on the road.
"Approximately 70% of collisions are the result of the negligence of drivers."

2. Poor Road Conditions
Many collisions occur "due to the presence of curbs, debris, potholes, bumps or even roadside barriers" when a rider tries to avoid an accident. These are the accidents that have caused severe lower body and spinal damage, and sometimes even brain damage.

3. Speed Disparities
Accidents don't always occur because of speeding, but can also occur as a result of going too slowly, compared to traffic flow around the rider. These accidents manifest as rear-ending or being rear-ended.

4. Other Factors
- Climbing skill of the driver
- Drunk driving
- Undivided roads
- Aggressive driving/recklessness
- Old bikes or old bike parts



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Allen Robert said...

I agree with your post. Motorcyclists are more at risk for critical or serious injuries on the road than are drivers. Yet, motorcycle riders can increase safety by being aware of the common causes of injuries and taking steps to reduce or avoid the risk, whether it be taking extra car when road breaking, anticipating road hazards, or resisting the temptation to speed.

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Sumi Akter said...

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Sumi Akter said...

Thanks you for your nice information. It's really helpfull.
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